About Elliot Hall Enamels

A family history dating back to 1904

Elliot Hall boasts a history of fine craftsmanship spanning centuries, the Hall family have been craftsmen in copper since 1904.  John Kingsley Hall founder of Kingsley Enamels recognised the need for change and sold the company on the 11th August 1998 to W.Moorcroft PLC who together with Elliot and Mother Barbara set to change the world of enamels forever. From the 1st January 1999, Kingsley Enamels changed its name to Moorcroft Enamels, Moorcroft’s timeless shapes were miniaturised into Enamels and William Moorcroft’s portfolio of designs and access to the Moorcroft Design studio were unlocked. Together with the Artists from Kingsley Enamels the company broke new ground and soon became a tour de force. Moorcroft Enamels traded from 1999 – 2006. After what W.Moorcroft PLC quote “irreconcilable differences in design style between pottery and enamels a decision was made to close the business. Production ceased on the 30th April 2006”.
Following the closure of Moorcroft Enamels Elliot Hall Enamels was established in May 2006 by Elliot Kingsley Hall. With full freedom the company has gone from strength to strength and is still firmly at the forefront of Enamels design today with its team of what are reputed to be the finest free hand artist in the word. With all Elliot Hall Enamels being Freehand painted these are uncompromising works of art to be treasured for generations to come.
At Elliot Hall Enamels excellence comes as standard, with editions strictly limited and superbly presented, resulting in unique collectables to be treasured today and cherished by generations to come. When it comes to creating exquisite hand painted enamels for the most discerning collectors, Elliot Hall is recognised as a pioneer in the industry developing enamels that surprise with their radical and challenging shapes and delight with the beauty of their exquisite freehand painting.