New 2024 Annual Easter Egg – Auriculas

This Years annual Easter Egg is delicately painted with Auriculas by Elizabeth Todd. These are alpine plants, prized for their showy, jewel-like bloom.

The Tiny egg shaped has always been used for this collection, which first launched in 2007. The shape has been the perfect canvas for our skilled artists to paint their unique designs showing flowers creating a delightful miniature bouquet that not only never fade but is an Easter Egg that won’t effect your waistline!

Elizabeth uses the finest of her brushes and the most minuscule of delicate strokes to complete each painting and she signs each one. In addition, the egg unscrews providing the perfect space to store a tiny memento.

Auriculas Easter Egg By Elizabeth Todd

Limited Edition 100, 40mm High

R.R.P £199