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Product Description

New 2021 Annual Easter Egg - number 1/100

2021 Easter Egg – number 1/100
This year’s Easter Egg is delicately painted withHyacinths by Elizabeth Todd. The tiny egg shape has always been used for this collection and was originally launched in 2007 with a beautiful crocus design by Fiona Bakewell. The shape has been the perfect canvas for our skilled artists to paint their unique designs showing flowers in natural settings creating a delightful miniature bouquet that not only never fades but is an Easter Egg that won’t affect your waistline! Only the very best artists are able to paint on a curved surface as the proportions of the design have to be maintained as the scene moves around the shape. And, like all Elliot Hall Enamels, the Eggs are completely freehand painted – meaning no prints or guidelines are ever used.

Elizabeth uses the tiniest of her brushes and the most miniscule of delicate strokes to complete each painting and she signs each one. In addition, the eggs unscrew providing the perfect place to store a tiny memento!

Hyacinthus is a small genus of bulbous, spring-blooming perennials. They are fragrant flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae and are commonly called hyacinths

2007 Crocus Fiona Bakewell
2008 Daffodil Helen Halloran
2009 Primrose Cath Higham
2010 Snowdrops Sandra Selby
2011 Pansy Sandra Selby
2012 Sweet Violets Fiona Bakewell
2013 Cyclamen Fiona Bakewell
2014 Bluebells Sandra Selby
2015 Chickens Sandra Selby
2016 Fuchsias Sandra Selby
2017 Violets Elizabeth Todd
2018 Tulips Elizabeth Todd
2019 Easter Lilies Elizabeth Todd
2020 Iris’s Elizabeth Todd
2021 Hyacinths

Hyacinths Easter Egg
Limited Edition 100

Price: £180.00
Freehand Painted By Elizabeth Todd /skyblucms/resources/untitled-7-344-w240px.jpg /skyblucms/resources/untitled-7-344-w370px.jpg

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