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2016 Annual Garden Birds Ginger Jar Series – Artist Proof – Sparrows



Annual Garden Bird Ginger Jar series – 8th in series of 10

This is the original Artist proof created by the artist Sandra Selby used to replicate the limited editions

sold in the brochures. The images shown are the actual piece for sale.

There is only 1 artist proof ever made in each edition, this is marked

with the date it was created  on the base. This ginger jar  is dated 7.03.16

50mm High

Includes presentation case

Freehand painted

The sixth jar to join the Garden bird ginger jar series of 10 jars , is the great spotted woodpecker, and Sandra Selby has painted this striking looking

bird in two poses, perching in a tree and in flight.

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When a Limited edition is first produced an artist proof is created and this is the original master that is photographed and

depicted in our brochures. This Artist proof is used by the artist to painstakingly produce all the other pieces in the edition.

Over the years these Artist proof’s have been bought by investors and astute collectors realising their significance in history.

Note – Elliot Hall Enamels 1/1 Limited Editions have no artist poof produced these are the originals themselves.