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Blue Lily Wall Art – Moorcroft Enamels


Blue Lily design
Designed By Faye Williams
Hand painted
185mm tall x 165mm Wide
Blue Wooden Frame
Cream & Blue Mount
Wall Plaque
Being Sold by Elliot Hall – Ex managing Director of Moorcroft Enamels
Fact File:
W.Moorcroft PLC acquired Elliot’s family business in 1998 which was formally known as Kingsley Enamels and the name was changed to Moorcroft Enamels and traded from 1999 – 2006. After what W.Moorcroft PLC quote “irreconcilable differences in design style between pottery and enamels a decision has been made to close the business of Moorcroft Enamels. Production will cease on the 30th April 2006” This resulted in the closure of Moorcroft Enamels making these the ultimate collectables!
Following the closure of Moorcroft Enamels Elliot Hall Enamels was established in 2006 by Elliot Kingsley Hall. With full freedom the company has gone from strength to strength and is still firmly at the forefront of Enamels design today with its team of what are reputed to be the finest free hand artist in the word. With all Elliot Hall Enamels being Freehand painted these are uncompromising works of art to be treasured for generations to come.

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